Text Free Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Text Free Login:

Logging into Text Free:

1. If you want to sign up to use the text free web application, visit this site: http://pinger.com/tfw/ When you are here, you can log on quickly.
2. Type your username into the top box marked for username. You don't need to attach the email address suffixes like "@textfree.us" or anything. The system is made to work without that information for the login.
3. As you may be able to guess, the next step involves you entering your password into the password section. You shouldn't have much trouble with this, If you are not sure you are using the correct password, feel free to move down to step one below of the "password reset instructions." If you are confidant enough to try to complete the login, move to the next step below.
4. Now, when you have both fields filled in, go ahead and click on the button that says "login." It is big, blue, and really hard to miss.


Password Reset Instructions:

1. If you have trouble logging in, and think it would be best to reset your password, these instructions will help you. The page you need to visit to do this is the same one you visited in step one of the instructions above.
2. On this page, look for a link that says "Trouble with Login?" Click on this link to start the password reset process.
3. On this page, you will see just one field where you can input text. Type your email into this box. It really is that simple.
4. Click the blue "send" button in order to have a password reset email sent to your email account you have registered with textfree.
5. When you get this email, you will need to follow the instructions it has set out for you. The process is already nearly done by the time you get the email, so don't get impatient. You are almost ready to send texts all around the country for free again.

Contacting TextFree (Pinger.com Products):

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4. support requests
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